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According to Romance Junkies review, a 4. Yet the humor is wonderfully mixed in with the rest and left me with a smile on my face. A lovely story and one well worth the read. Your email will NOT be shared or given to anyone. Email Address. The attempt to transfer the prior list did not work. He meets a beautiful woman he desires immediately, and since Lizelle has become such an unpleasant character, why should he marry her anyway? But, traditions die hard, and he is torn between true love and a vow made for him in his childhood.

Piper and Lachlan have a love that spans the test of time — literally. When Lachlan finds himself trapped in the 18 th century, he is determined to keep leading his clan and to find Piper. But his clan mostly wants him dead, and he has to figure out how to set history on the right course. Can he do this without ending up dead like the story ended before, or will he end up charting a different course and being with Piper forever?

Jessie lives in a small town in Maine and is recuperating from a vicious attack. When she meets Ian, who looks as though he just stepped out of the Scottish Highlands, the attraction is fierce and mutual. Later, she is walking in the woods and comes across a hermit who sells her a magic walking stick that promises to get rid of the pain in her past and keep Ian all to herself. A unique, irresistible story with characters you will not soon forget.

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Fia has both Scottish and English blood, and when war breaks out between the two countries she ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A laird named Alastair is wounded on English soil and finds a secret garden to recuperate in, and the first thing he does is meet Fia, whom he saved years earlier. Fia decides to return the favor and help him recover, but when his life becomes endangered once again, he takes drastic measures by kidnapping her and keeping her hostage.

Winter owns an art gallery, and it is there that she meets Matt, who asks her to do some drawings of his dream house for him. But, Winter is a MacKeage and must stay true to her calling, which means denying her mortal desires. Robert is a Scottish warrior who is fighting to keep his country from being taken over by English forces.

Elizabeth is ordered by the King of England to seduce Robert and learn of his secrets, but when she meets him, something amazing happens. Jillian finds herself in 15 th century Scotland and believes she has to rescue Romeo and Juliet from their tragic fate. She also finds her own Romeo named Montgomery, but Montgomery has secrets he is intent on keeping from her.

Jillian is supposed to expose Montgomery for what he is, but instead she finds herself becoming deeply attracted to him. The perfect combination of love and angst, this is one story that will keep you guessing right up to the end. Grant comes from 10 th century Scotland to present-day North Carolina and runs a Highlander based theme park. When he meets Joanna, her uniqueness and independence immediately makes him swoon.

Joanna is attracted to him as well, but for them to be together she will first have to give him some lessons on the ins and outs of the modern-day woman, because this is the only way she can trust him with her heart. Conan is not interested in marriage. Right now all he wants is to fight with his Scottish brothers to keep the English from taking over their country. Mhairi is just as determined as he is to stay away from love, yet the two cannot keep their eyes off of one another. But, in this story, happiness comes with a few challenges, so they must work hard to stay together.

Even with the political stakes involved, the two are determined to stay together till death do them part. A captivating and magical story with characters you will fall in love with. Hawk was a predator on the battlefield and could have any woman he wanted, but he steered clear of love and its commitments. When he meets Adrienne, a modern-day Seattle woman transported to medieval Scotland, however, his feelings change.

But, how long will it last, considering the two are becoming more attracted to one another with each passing day?

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Nicholas and Rowan have a deep attraction to one another, but unbeknownst to Rowan, Nicholas has been tasked with a mission that may ruin their relationship if Rowan finds out about it. To be together, Nicholas has to betray the king, his family, and his country. But, his love for Rowan grows every day, and in the end the decision he has to make is much more difficult than he ever imagined it would be. Robbie is a sexy single foster parent who needs a housekeeper so he can travel back to medieval Scotland, and Catherine is who he hires to do the job. Robbie has to find a book of spells so he can save his family, and he wants Catherine to go with him so that they can take the adventure together.

When she meets Kieran, she is unaware that he has tragedy in his past, just like she does. Enjoy a story that spans from New Mexico to the Scottish Highlands and takes you through a journey filled with faith, grief, and of course, love. Conall is an earl with both physical and emotional scars he is hiding, and when the two meet, sparks fly. But, with danger approaching and secrets that neither of them wish to share, does this relationship stand a chance or will it be doomed from the very beginning?

Alex is a warrior with incredible skills on the battlefield, and Glynis is well-known throughout the Highlands. When the two wed, their relationship is built mostly on passion, but will this be enough to keep them together, or can they work together to fight the enemy that is determined to take away everything they love?

Now this devilishly handsome Highlander is finally falling in love. As wild as the rugged north country where she was raised, Saxan Honey Todd has sworn to avenge the murder of her twin brother. Recklessly, she gallops across the English countryside in pursuit of the man she believes to be his murderer: Botolf, Earl of Regenford.

As hard and unyielding as the armor he wears in battle, Botolf is irresistibly drawn to the impetuous beauty who has come to wage war with him. Saxan stirs his passion to the point of madness, but to love her would be madness indeed. The Douglas sisters, beauties all, are valuable pawns in their family's bitter struggle to control the Scottish Crown.

But when powerful enemies threaten, each Douglas lass will find she must face them alone. Captured by a Laird Haunted by his father's violent death, David Hume, the new laird of Wedderburn, sets out to make his name so feared that no one will dare harm his family again.

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The treacherous ally who played on his father's weakness is dead and beyond David's vengeance, but his castle and young widow are ripe for the taking. The moment David lays eyes on the dark-haired beauty defending her wee daughters, however, he knows this frail-looking lass is the one person who could bring him to his knees. Wed at thirteen to a man who tried daily to break her spirit, Lady Alison Douglas is looking forward to a long widowhood. But when the fearsome warrior known as the Beast of Wedderburn storms her gates, she finds herself, once again, forced to wed a stranger.

Alison is only a pawn to serve his vengeance, so why does this dark warrior arouse such fiery passion and an unwelcome longing in her heart? With death and danger looming, these two wounded souls must learn to trust each other; for only love can save them. Laird Robert Sinclair will stop at nothing to exact revenge on Lord Raef Warren, the English scoundrel who brought war to his doorstep and razed his lands and people. Leaving his clan in the Highlands to conduct covert attacks in the Borderlands, Robert lives to be a thorn in Warren's side. Highland laird Conor McTiernay had always dreamed of an enduring love.

But the reality of women who desired him only for his title and lands made him swear off marriage forever. That is until he first set eyes on the Englishwoman his men found hiding in the forest.

Beneath the dirt and grime it was clear Laurel Cordell was beautiful. But would she prove to be yet another beguiling seductress?

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Laurel trusted that the Scottish chieftain would keep her safe from the cruel laird from whom she had escaped. Looking deep into Conor's silver eyes she saw not only his calculating warrior ways but his quick arousal to passion. But before they can explore the growing desire between them, their newfound love is threatened by secrets from her past Laurel and Conor are both very stubborn which gives this love story spunk and chemistry. Although the first half was a bit slow it did pick up and kept me interested.

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All the other characters are interesting and well developed which I appreciate. Also, I have to say, although I enjoyed this book it seemed to be another Cinderella type romance novel rather than a highlander story. There weren't many struggles or battles So, if you go into this book knowing its not a typical highland warrior tale but more of a spunky romance I think you will enjoy this one. What did you love best about The Highlander's Bride? What did you like best about this story?

The final ending to a Scottish tale. How does this one compare? Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Any additional comments? A real good Scottish read with lots of twists and turns as Connor and his sweetheart try and maket a life together. The story had no real conflict. The tables are turned in a bland and cliched manner. None of the cheesy dialogue was assisted by the narrator. I've endured this narrator previously, when she's read other author's books.

Her characterization of feminine distress is wimpy and whiny, even when there should be more shock and anger. I couldn't get through the whole thing. I struggled so much to finish this book because of the narrator. So many things were wrong with Ms. She sounds too old to bring life to our young heroine.

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It was also impossible to distinguish all other characters. All men sounded the same and the midwife sounded like a man. The story is good but the narrator makes this a painfully boring experience.